ALC-1064: World History Newspaper Collection

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Learn your history through the headlines, from the ancient days of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans on to the knights of the Middle Ages and the movers and shakers of the Renaissance and Reformation! With the World History creative writing newspaper collection, you can have your students review their world history studies while practicing their creative writing skills at the same time! The five very full newspapers included in this master collection provide article and advertisement headlines from the eras. The students, themselves, are left to fill them in with the information they’ve learned throughout their studies in their own words and as if reporting on the incidents as they happened.

• Includes: The Kemet Chronicle, Greek Weekly, The Roman Tribune, The Medieval Times, The Renaissance Reporter

• Number of pages: 60

• (Grades 3rd-8th) ALC-1064

Originally found in Project Passport World History Series

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