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Study any state in the U.S. (plus Washington, D.C.!) with the Make-A-State Activity-Pak! The Lap Book is loaded with 20 projects that incorporate creative writing, illustration, coloring, research, mapping, and more. Designed to provide activities and encourage personal research on the topics, use it to accompany any state study, books, or history program you are using!

See below for details, photos, and step-by-step tutorial!

• Suggested grades: 3-8
• Mac & PC Compatible
• ISBN: 9780991367870
All Masters, Directions, and Photos Provided (Supplies Not Included)

Cover of the Make-A-State Lap BookVarious Views of the Make-A-State Lap BookVarious Views of the Make-A-State Lap BookVarious Views of the Make-A-State Lap BookState Notebooking Pages (For Every State ...and D.C. too!)Key State Facts Lap Book ProjectState Industry / Agriculture / Climate Lap Book Project"Name That State!" File Folder GameState Symbols Lap Book ProjectRecipes Lap Book ProjectState Landmarks Lap Book ProjectState Government Lap Book Project


In the Make-A-State Activity-Pak, several activity topics contain art that is generic and can be used for any of the U.S. states, while other images are provided specifically for each state, such as recipes, geography maps, state quarters, and state symbols.

While Activity-Paks rely on your curriculum, text, or research for information, we have provided as a bonus a set of State Pages! These pages contain brief information on each state, such as symbols and facts, suggestions of people who were born in the state, and options of historical significance for inclusion on the timeline project.

As a second bonus, we have also included a “Name That State!” File Folder Game! Designed for play at various levels, both younger and older students will be able to learn to recognize states by their shape, placement within the U.S., their capitals, and more.

Beautifully detailed masters are provided for all printable projects! The Project Directions will provide printing and assembly instructions.

Also included are step-by-step illustrated directions for assembling the Lap Book. The menu also contains photos to aid you in viewing the finished projects. Should you wish to embellish the study with additional reading, a list of additional suggested resources is offered as well.

* This Activity-Pak contains projects and the directions to complete them. Although the bonus State Pages include brief information on each state, no lesson text or supplies are provided.

  • Working through Make-a-State Activity was simple and fun. This was a great summer learning project and a lovely way to discover more about where we live. Mom appreciated the variety of options available to us. My son enjoyed including his own drawings, thoughts, and research. We love that everything is included in the downloadable file; we have permanent access to everything – pdf print outs, directions, color pages, and more! We have yet to find another company which does as excellent a job as Home School in the Woods when it comes to activity-paks and lap books. Their resources are top of the line, and incredibly affordable. - Cristina at “A Homeschool Mom” blog

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  • They (Home School in the Woods) make it really fun by using a lot of different activities in the projects, like reading, writing, research, pasting, cutting, and putting it all together into a colorful lapbook that you can look back on later and be proud of. It's not just one thing. It's not monotonous so you don't get bored of doing the same thing for a long time - like only writing. I also like that you can make it colorful and that they have things like pouches in the lap book that you put things in. There was a lot of drawing. Personally, I love drawing! Some people may not like that though, so maybe they could find pictures to print or cut-out from a magazine instead. That's what I did for the state symbols project in our lap book. My favorite projects for this lap book were the 'my name is Alaska' one, the newspaper, and the tourist brochure. My least favorite thing was all the cutting that was necessary, but that's because we cut out all twenty project materials (to prepare in advance), so I would suggest that you cut out one project at a time when you go to work on it each day. - review by a 9-year-old homeschooling student at “Oahu Homeschool Mom” blog

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  • Last year in geography we studied North America. My children had to choose a country, province, or state to create a report on. The problem was that everyone had a hard time deciding which to pick! So when Home School in the Woods offered their new Make-a-State Activity, I knew this would help us learn about the states we wanted to but didn't get a chance to study. Fortunately, Home School in the Woods makes learning and recording information so much fun that the kids don't know they're doing school work! … The really cool thing about this Pak is that you can use it for ANY STATE! - Deann at “As We Bloom” blog

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