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FOR A LIMITED TIME: We are down to the last inventory of our popular Record of Time printed timeline notebooks, and they are priced to GO!

This special equips you with TWO of the absolute best timeline notebooks available. With all the time and energy your child puts into their timeline notebook, you will want one that not only beautifully displays their efforts, but will stand up to the years of use, providing a keepsake to last their school-life and beyond. With a unique “eurospine,” card-stock pages, and a horizontal format, we designed the Record of Time with all those elements in mind!

REMEMBER, the printed Record of Time timeline notebooks are DISCONTINUED and COUNTING DOWN, and only a limited number remain! Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and WILL NOT be replaced!

Bundle sold as shown — no substitutions

• Suggested grades: K-12
(Notebook with timeline pages only - does NOT include timeline figures)

Record of Time Printed Timeline BinderRecord of Time Printed Timeline Binder


Here's what our Record of Time includes:

  • A 12" x 9" HARD-COVER 3-RING BINDER to take the shelf wear and years of use! This allows the timeline to lay flat and offers a way to remove or add additional pages.
  • One-hundred and twenty-two durable, ivory colored, cardstock pages, 11" x 8.5" (horizontal), dated from 5000 BC to 2025 AD. Each page contains faint background lines to keep written notations neat as well as notable, inspiring quotes pertaining to the time period!
  • An additional 17 pages of maps, both ancient and modern world, to add interest in your child's studies.
  • A signature page to personalize the Record Book with your child's name and date!

Our Record of Time timeline notebook is designed to hold our HISTORY Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures*, providing not only a journal for recording history, but a treasured keepsake your child will create along the way!

*If you plan on using our pre-printed sets of timeline figures, we recommend reducing the figures 65-70% in order to fit comfortably in the Timeline Notebook. The Complete Collection of Timeline Figures already provides figures in notebook size.

  • The new timeline notebook is beautiful. The delightful cover and titled spine insure that your notebook will look as lovely on the coffee table as in the bookshelf. This notebook is made to last, with 144 heavyweight pages covering from 5000 BC to AD 2025. Also included are seventeen maps of the ancient world, seven continents, Canada, Central America, the Middle East, United States, and world. - Heather Jackowitz, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

  • If wall-mounting your timeline collection doesn't work or doesn't appeal to you, you might have students put them into books of some sort. While Amy Pak supplies suggestions for this approach, she also makes the project immensely easier by offering History Through the Ages Record of Time, a lovely, custom-designed binder with pre-printed timeline pages with dates for 5000 BC through 2025 AD. After the timeline pages you will also find 17 maps of both ancient and modern times that might be used in your history and geography studies. Each child should have his or her own Record of Time book since they are likely to add to it over many years... - Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy Reviews

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  • Timelines appeal to me. They aid visual, kinesthetic, spatial, and logical thinkers. What's not to love? Well, the work of putting together a visually appealing, cohesive, historically-accurate timeline, for one. How about the time it takes to find all of those little pictures? What about deciding which dates to include? What about figuring out how to put the thing together? What about figuring out where to put it? The details of the timeline were dragging me down, threatening the reality of creating one in our home. It seemed to me that some sort of timeline was a foregone conclusion in our home school, but there were several burdens to bear. Although I could have done the work myself, it is more likely that the timeline would have fallen by the wayside without a little outside intervention. I found the help that I needed to make the timeline happen in our home at Homeschool in the Woods. Their History Through the Ages Timeline answered many of my questions, solved some problems, and simplified everything else... - Susan S.

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  • I have long been interested in doing history timelines with my children, but there are a variety of ways of going about it. I wanted creative and well-drawn interesting timeline figures with brief summaries of the person, place, or event we were studying. I wanted a guideline that would help me in this placement so I knew I was not totally off the mark. I wanted a beautiful book that we could use for many years that we could refer back to again and again. I wanted versatility for many ages, and I wanted it to be worth the money. Money does not come easy to most homeschool families - is this a resource that has staying power? I believe Amy Pak's HISTORY Through the Ages timeline resources have succeeded in providing all of these things and much more!... - Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

  • Utilizing a timeline adds a unique visual touch to history studies. It is a wonderfully useful adjunct that allows one to glimpse the "big picture" when it comes to chronology and relevancy of all that has past. A timeline can help us remember important dates, events, people, empires, architectural developments, presidential offices and more, while also allowing us to see some of the connections or relationships between these things. What was going on in the world when Shakespeare was writing comedies, tragedies and poetry? Who was President during WWII? Who was living and what was going on when Jesus was crucified? What classic authors lived at the same time? What else was going on during the Industrial Revolution? History is fascinating. Creating and using a timeline can help make it fun too! Thus, I want to share some of my absolute favorites resources from Homeschool in the Woods that we have used with success and joy in our homeschool... - Tina

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  • Awwwhhh... Homeschool in the Woods - the epitome of what I want our homeschool to be! I have loved their resources since my oldest was just 4 years old, knowing that as soon as he was ready we would be jumping on that band wagon! Lucky for me, however, they do have some resources that you can truly use at any stage of the homeschooling game. Homeschool in the Woods' History Through the Ages Collection of Historical Timeline Figures are the best in the business! Really, none other can compare. - MacKenzie Monroe at Bold Turquoise blog

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