Lap-Pak: The 20th Century in America

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20th-century America was filled with decades of progress, from advances in science to inventions of modern convenience to an array of interesting people, and so much more! It was a time frought with war - whether global between countries or between parents and children over the length of their hair!

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• Suggested grades: 3-8
• Mac & PC Compatible
• ISBN: 9780984204182
All Text, Masters, Directions, and Photos Provided (Supplies Not Included)

Science & Invention Lap Book ProjectCover of The 20th Century in America Lap BookVarious Views of The 20th Century in America Lap BookVarious Views of The 20th Century in America Lap BookVarious Views of The 20th Century in America Lap BookVarious Views of The 20th Century in America Lap BookThe 20th Century in America Lap BookText BookletMasters & Directions for Activities20th Century in America TimelineFashion through the Decades Lap Book ProjectDiner Menu Lap Book ProjectMovements that Made a Mark in History Lap Book ProjectSports Figures Lap Book ProjectPeople of Interest Lap Book ProjectArt Movements of the Modern Era Lap Book Project

The 20th Century in America takes a look at this modern era through reading material and hands-on projects that will reinforce lessons, as well as introduce you to new information. Included are 22 lap booking project topics that incorporate creative writing, coloring and drawing, research, and more. There's even a project that looks at the changing fads in food, from sliced bread to T.V. dinners, of course, with recipes for classics such as tuna noodle casserole for you to try for yourself!

The reading text comes in two formats to print, resulting in full-size pages of text for a binder, or a 32-page booklet to store with the lap book.

Beautifully detailed masters are provided for all printable projects! Step-by-step illustrated directions contain printing and assembly instructions for the text booklet, each project, and the lap book assembly.

The menu also contains photos to aid you in viewing the finished projects. Should you wish to embellish the study with additional reading, a list of additional suggested resources is offered as well.

  • World Wars
  • Other Conflicts: In the Americas & Global
  • Political Events
  • Movements that Made a Mark in History
  • Modern Missionaries
  • Disasters
  • The Stock Market Crash of 1929
  • Science & Invention in the 20th Century
  • Medical Advancements
  • The Space Race
  • Art Movements of the Modern Era
  • Accomplishments in Architecture
  • 20th-Century Authors and their Literature
  • Music of the Century
  • Transportation in America
  • News & Media of the 20th Century
  • Sports Figures Who Made Their Mark in History
  • People of Interest
  • Diner Menu "Dining through the Decades"
  • Fashion through the Decades
  • Slang Terminology
  • Timeline of the 20th Century
  • Home School In The Woods is one of my favorite homeschool companies. I freely admit this up front! So when the chance to review the Hands on History Lap-Pak 20th Century In America came up I begged for it! After I received the download, the first thing I did was print everything out. When we do lapbooks, I like to get all of the printing out of the way up front... Mary at Winecup Christian Homeschool blog (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

  • My children have never before attempted any lapbook projects, and to be honest, I just didn't know that much about them. But we've developed more of an interest in finding projects that my kids of varying ages can work on together this year, and this looked like something that fit the bill. My 8-year old daughter, Haylee, and my 13-year old son, Hayden, worked on this project together with me. They were really excited to give this project a try! Part of what peaked their interest was the variety of topics included. Obviously, their interests at their varying ages and genders are quite different, but both of them saw topics on the list that appealed to them, so they were looking forward to working on this as a group project... - Kelly Burgess at KGB That's Me! blog (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

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