ALC-1079: California State History Project-Pak

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“Eureka!” If you’re looking for hands-on projects for studying California history, you’ve struck gold! This California State History Project-Pak is chock-full of 16 meaty projects designed to give your studies a tactile and visual approach to learning about the Golden State. You’ll find out about its regions, progress, government, people that made an impact, its struggles, growth, and economic boom, modern times, various state facts, and so much more.

Make a lap book to accompany your texts, or use the projects in a notebook binder—either way it is the perfect way to drive the lessons home.

Projects include:

  1. The State of California (map)
  2. Native Tribes of California
  3. Early European Explorers
  4. Postcards from Famous Folks
  5. Spanish Missions
  6. Americans Travel West
  7. The Gold Rush
  8. Women who Impacted the History of California
  9. The Transcontinental Railroad
  10. California Feeds the Country
  11. Immigrants who Came to California
  12. Hard Times Hit
  13. The Boom of Industry
  14. California State Government
  15. Pocket Full of Facts (Includes 7 projects on its own: “Key” facts, state song, state coin, sports teams, the Giant Sequoia Redwood, common food, and wildlife flora & fauna)
  16. Timeline of California History

This Project-Pak is full of various hands-on resources, many that contain brief text within them. Each project also has an introductory paragraph in the instructions section on the topic. However, actual reading text is not included. It is intended to accompany or enhance an existing text or study, or be used to launch independent study.

• Number of pages: 89

• (Grades 3rd-8th) ALC-1079

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