ALC-1072: Egyptian Mummification & Burial Project-Pak

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When you think of Ancient Egypt, one of the first things that comes to mind is… mummies! The Egyptian civilization was obsessed with preparations for an afterlife, and mummifying a body was crucial to their belief for an eternal existence. The more money or status they had, the more elaborate the burial. The mummification process was a science in itself, and the ornate attention given to the coffins was an art form all its own!

The six projects provided in this Project-Pak consist of two lapbook projects giving you information about the mummification process, step-by-step instructions for three models of the mummy, sarcophagus, and canopic jars, and a flip book, literally depicting how a sarcophagus is placed in the burial chamber.

• (Grades 3rd-8th) ALC-1072

Originally found in Project Passport: Ancient Egypt

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