Project Passport: The Middle Ages

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Take a trip through history and discover cultures at another era of time with hands-on projects and activities that drive the lessons home in a fun way! Included are 25 "Stops" that can spread across 8-12 weeks, where you will witness exciting events and meet interesting people of The Middle Ages. Topics include: Barbarian invasions, everyday Medieval life, the structure of the classes, towns & guilds, science & invention, education, the arts, church history, the castle, the Crusades, knights, vikings, battles & wars, and more!

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• Suggested grades: 3-8
• Mac & PC Compatible
• ISBN: 9780984204144
All Text, Masters, Directions, Photos, and Resource Lists Provided (Supplies Not Included)

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Make a Catapult ProjectStick Puppets ProjectStained Glass Notebooking ProjectMake A Complete Lap BookJousting Lap Book ProjectViking Longship Project“Snapshot Moments in History” TimelinePassport, Luggage Folder, & Brochure Notebooking Project"Journey Through the Middle Ages" File Folder GameBuild a Castle ProjectThe Town Notebooking ProjectFamous People of the Crusades Notebooking ProjectMake a Tapestry ProjectStructure of the Classes Notebooking ProjectRobin Hood Cap ProjectFloral Wreath Circlet Project"Dining Out Guide" Lap Book ProjectPostcard Rack Notebooking ProjectFrom Page to Knight Lap Book Project"The Medieval Times" Creative Writing NewspaperMarzipan ProjectMap the Barbarian Invasions Notebooking ProjectThe Medieval Structure of the Classes Lap Book ProjectCreate a Mosaic ProjectMerchant Trade Goods Notebooking ProjectPanel Painting "The Four Alls" ProjectInside the Castle Notebooking ProjectMedieval Weaponry & Armor Notebooking Project

This curriculum contains 25 "Stops" (lessons) including Guide Book Text to read on a topic and a Travel Itinerary for project choices and directions. Masters for all printables are included.

  • Creative Writing
  • A "Dining Out Guide" of Recipes
  • A File Folder Game
  • A "Scrapbook of Sights" for storing notebook projects
  • A Newspaper "The Medieval Times"
  • A "Snapshot Moments in History" Scrapbook Timeline
  • "Postcards from Famous Folks"
  • Souvenir Craft Cards with a dozen 3-D projects to make
  • Over a dozen Lap Book Projects ...and much more!
  • Also included are seven Dramatized Audio Tours, nearly an hour of listening! Join "Knight in Shining Armor Tours" as Agatha (your tour guide) and Brian (your coach driver) take you on medieval excursions, such as a town on a Festival Day, a monastery where you will hear the sounds of Gregorian Chant, or the Battlefield of Hastings, where you might catch a glimpse of Duke William of Normandy himself! (Go to "Sample" tab to listen for yourself!)

The study includes directions and masters for over 50 projects and activities. The menu contains photo buttons, should you wish to get a good view of what a finished project can look like. Choose the projects that work best for your family!

Also included are Travel Tips, teacher keys, Additional Resources (should you wish to include more reading or viewing to enhance the study), and a Quick-Stop Itinerary. This three-page travel planner will allow the teacher to see the whole schedule of upcoming topics and projects at a glance. Tastefully laid out for inclusion in your three-ring binder, this history study will give both the teacher and students a thorough, exciting adventure into the past!

  • Included is a notebook cover made to slip into the clear cover of your 3-ring binder (in a choice of both color and black & white).
  • The teacher's Guide Book will house the reading Guide Book Text, the Travel Itineraries of project directions, as well as Travel Tips, teacher keys, and any of the other teacher helps.
  • The student will accumulate many notebook items specific to each stop. Included are activities such as a "Snapshot Moments in History" timeline, Mapping the Barbarian Invasions, Famous People of the Crusades, Medieval Weaponry & Armor, The Coat of Arms, Illuminations, Pilgrims & Pilgrimages, and so much more!
  • Finally, to prepare you for your journey, we have equipped you with a passport and luggage folder, which once made will take you through all the Project Passport studies to come!
  • Amy Pak covers United States History in her excellent Time Travelers series. Using the same ideas, Amy is now creating an activity-based series for studying World History with Project Passport. Like Time Travelers, each entire course is presented via PDF files on a CD that will run on either Windows or Mac systems... - Cathy Duffy

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  • I bought this as a supplement to our study of the Middle Ages. I was VERY impressed. It could work as a complete history study for the year as there is THAT much content/lesson. This actually had more content than our History book on many of the topics. The projects were very fun. My 9 yr old enjoyed them. Some weeks the Newspaper, timeline, and projects were a lot with our schedule. However, we just skipped them or came back to them later on. The Audio tracks that came with them were our fav. part. They were very engaging. The printing proved tricky on my machine until I figured out that I could click on the folder and go to the folder to select individual files to print. This was easier than waiting for each page to load to print ONE sheet when I needed 10 sheets that day. We loved it so much that I am buying "Great Empires" this year by the same company. I hope they make more. It really brought it all alive for us. Our end of the Year lap book turned out AWESOME! - Dana W. from MD

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  • History has always been a great subject to teach and learn. Well, that is if you know how to make it fun. Boring old textbooks that we grew up with did not do much to ignite the fire and make History fun. Amy Pak, a talented graphic designer and experienced homeschooler, has created a new product to light that fire in your children. Her Project Passport: The Middle Ages is an activity-based World History study that is designed to teach hands-on!... - Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January, 2013

  • This year we are exploring the Middle Ages. My 2nd grader and I are looking forward to learning more about castles, knights, Robin Hood, and so much more! She is much more of a hands on, project learner than my other two. The cutting, coloring, gluing, etc. of lap books is like nails on a chalk board for them, but Ava loves to work on hands on projects and have little books, folders, and things to show for it later! She keeps the many lap books we have created together on the bookshelf in her room so she can look at them whenever she likes. Now roll out the first in a new curriculum that invites children to take a trip through time to get a true understanding of history through dozens of activities and hands-on learning opportunities... - Heidi Ciravola at Starts at Eight blog

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We have provided you with one "Stop" from our Project Passport study. Included is the Introduction, Travel Tips, Additional Resource suggestions, Travel Planner: Quick Stop Itinerary, Guide Text, and Itinerary and Masters for projects associated with that Stop, giving you the opportunity to sample our materials and see if they are the right match for your learning needs!

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