ALC-1068: U.S. Presidents Project-Pak

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In this Project-Pak, you are going to meet 45 men who made their mark as leaders in America’s history — our United States Presidents. It’s a hard job running a country; the president appoints several people to positions such as Supreme Court justices, ambassadors to foreign countries, and heads of federal agencies. He implements and enforces laws written by Congress, vetoes bills, and so much more. As head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, we can safely say that the position of president requires having the country’s best interests at heart.

This Project-Pak provides you with ten hands-on resources to help you in your studies:

• Wall-Size Timeline Figures
• Notebook Timeline: “U.S. Presidents Portrait Gallery Timeline”
• Coloring Pages
• Report Pages
• Copywork: “Famous Quotes from U.S. Presidents”
• Profiles of Presidents of the United States
• Fun Facts about the Presidents
• Newspaper: “The Presidential Post”
• “Political Slogans” Campaign Buttons & Posters
• File Folder Game: ”Presidential Pursuit”

Although this Project-Pak is full of various hands-on resources, reading text is not included. It is intended to accompany or enhance an existing text or study, or be used to launch independent study. Although a few projects contain brief text (timeline figures, game question cards, quotes, slogans), these are notebooking pages and 3-D projects that rely on research and reading about the presidents.

• Number of pages: 179

• (Grades 3rd-8th) ALC-1068

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